Program Events in Washington DC

Explore the city with a full lineup of exciting program events. Take your career to the next level and have fun with the perfect combination of travel, real-world experience, and lifelong friendships.

Welcome to our nation's capital! For your first weekend with us, we would like to get you acquainted with your new "home!" During this event, we will be riding in style to learn all about the history of the political center of the world, why the call it the "mall" and what exactly is inside each of the monuments that grace all books about DC. You will get a glimpse of the White House, Smithsonian, the Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol Building, and the Washington Monument just to name a few. You can make any notes on sights that you may want to go back and visit in further depth. You will not want to miss out on learning all about your new home for the next two months! You'll get a chance to dine at a restaurant in the heart of DC with the rest of the group as you plan for your eight weeks ahead.

We will start off the day right with a full brunch spread at one of DC's most famous restaurants. Then we will walk over the Capitol Building for our guided group tour to learn about the history of the legislative branch and ultimately our country. Afterwards you can head home if you're beat otherwise the staff will lead groups to some of the world famous Smithsonian Museums located right on the National Mall. We typically take students to the American History Museum, Air & Space Museum or to the Newseum. With so many great options it's hard to choose!

Take a break from the hustle of city life for a fun filled overnight trip as a group to the Beach! We'll leave our daily grind of the work week and take a trip as a group for the night. The trip will include transportation to and from our location, a hotel stay and an activity for the whole group to take part in! If you're not as into the beach life-style you can also chose to head to an amusement park for the day. From thrill rides to waterworks there's no shortage of activities to fill the time.

Go Nats! Come join us as we celebrate one of America's favorite past times. We hope that you are just excited as we are to experience the brand new Nats Stadium! Join us at a Washington National's game in the city and you will truly understand why baseball has such a passionate following and has truly become a staple of American culture! Get your Red on and get ready for Nats Town!

The hardest part is saying goodbye. After what will be one of the best summers of your life, Dream Careers will be hosting a very special party just for you. This will definitely be a send off to remember. You will spend the night enjoying the beautiful sights of the Washington Monument lit up against the Potomac River. For our last event as a group we'll be sharing our favorite memories of the summer on board one of DC's incredible dinner cruises. The group will enjoy its own private dinner where everyone can reminisce about the summer, toast to the good times and say their goodbyes.

To help you build your friendships and get more comfortable with the city, the staff will continuously be planning unsponsored activities for the entire group to take advantage of. These activities are optional, but they will make sure to get you acquainted with your new city, as well as keep your social calendar full.

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