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Save up to $1000 on your Internship Program Tuition

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Have you always wanted to intern in a big city such as Paris, New York, Los Angeles or London? Now is your chance, as we are accepting 2018 applications for our all-inclusive internship programs which include your summer housing, weekend events, career development seminars, and your guaranteed internship placement. 

As an added bonus, if you enroll by September 22nd you can save up to $1,000 on your program tuition. 

  1. Access Top Employers
    Do you want to interview with the top companies? Do you want to take your time learning how to land your dream job? By enrolling in June for next summer, you will have priority access to the best companies, the most one-on-one attention with your advisor, and you guarantee yourself a spot at the front of the line when it comes time to interview.

  2. Save up to $1000 off your program tuition
    You can choose to secure your spot with one of our flexible payment options; however, for a limited time only (September 22) you can earn $1,000 off your program tuition if you select the Pay in Full option! Keep in mind, we offer a placement guarantee that states that if we fail to help you secure an internship in your industry, at a company you approve of within 14-days of the start of the program, you will get a full refund of the program tuition. 

    • Installment Plan: (Save $250 & No Interest) Split your program payment into monthly fees interest-free! As soon as you pay your initial enrollment fee of $999, you'll begin working with your personal advisor on your placement.
    • Pay in 30 Days: (Save $500) Defer your program payment 30 days (interest-free) by paying the initial deposit of $999 today and the remaining balance in 30 days.
    • Pay in Full. (Save $1,000) Pay for your entire program fee upon enrollment and you can save $1,000 of your program.

  3. Lock in 2017 Program Prices
    By enrolling by Sept 22nd, you can save additionally by locking in the 2017 rates before the increase for 2018. 

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** Please note, the offer is only valid for our all-inclusive summer programs. Offer ends September 22, 2017

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