The Dream Careers Internship Program is a practical and wise investment in your professional future. In this complete program, you enhance your resume, gain business contacts and acquire valuable references. Each is a priceless advantage for a college student soon to be seeking a full-time career position. Now is the time to take hold of your career and take advantage of this life-changing opportunity. Tuition varies by program and can be found on the tuition page of each program's website.

Payment Options

Secure your spot today. All payment plans include a minimum Initial Deposit of $999. Choose the best payment option available:

Pay in Full

This option is best suited for participants who want the security and incentive that your DREAM Internship is guaranteed. Your placement is guaranteed, and we will provide you a full refund if we fail to secure your summer internship. That is how confident we are in your internship placement.

Pay in 30

This is our most popular payment option. For a Minimum Initial Deposit of $999, you can secure your enrollment and guarantee your internship. You will have 30 days to pay the remaining balance. This option is ideal for those participants that need additional time to secure funds for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Pay in 30 amounts include an additional 5.8% service fee.

Installment Plan

Our installment plan provides the most flexible payment option and includes our Internship Guarantee. You pay equal monthly installment payments*. This option is best suited for participants who want to space out payments over time. An installment fee is included in your payments. See Installment Plan Schedule for additional details. A $999 deposit is required to start your installment plan.  This payment plan is available to participants that enrolled prior to March 20, 2020 for our Summer 2020 programs.

Are you looking for additional Financial Aid?

For further assistance with tuition, consider applying for financial aid through a third party, such as a private lender or through your existing Financial Aid provider. Also, check with your university's financial aid department to see if your existing grants, loans or scholarships can help fund the internship. Find additional resources on our Financial Aid Guide or by contacting your Enrollment Advisor.