Health & Safety

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Revised: May 31,2017

Non-Emergency Contact

Our main number for use during office hours is 650.274.2356 answered from 9am to 6pm PT Monday through Friday.

Emergency Contact

Students, parents and university partners are provided emergency contact information for each program. Any other parties needing to reach Dream Careers in an emergency only should call 650-274-2356.

Public Announcements

In the event of a major crisis affecting multiple locations, Dream Careers will:

Post a message on our website:

Attempt to send email messages to all participants’ emergency contacts within 72 hours of the event.

Risk Assessment

All decisions regarding program operations are made with reference to data from a number of sources. In addition to the consular information sheets and advisory messages posted by the U.S. Department of State (, our resident directors and program directors use information gathered locally and through conversations with other providers in the city or country. Dream Careers program management staff regularly monitors additional resources such as daily WHO briefings and international news alerts. In making individual decisions concerning participation, we suggest that participants and their parents carefully review the State Department Travel Advisories found at

Participant Orientation

Every Dream Careers program begins with a comprehensive orientation to the city, housing location, and the program, which includes, among other information, an explanation of any local risks that the Resident Director (RD) has identified and tips for enhancing personal safety. In addition, each RD distributes a local emergency contact information card to each participant.

On-Site Care and Insurance

Each Program Director maintains lists of recommended health and mental health providers. Each PD also establishes an emergency phone tree to be activated in the event of a necessity to contact all participants quickly. Dream Careers has established protocols to be used in the event of health emergency, serious accident, political crisis, natural disaster, crime, rape, or death of a participant. For security reasons these documents are not public.


Program Directors make every reasonable effort to keep abreast of local conditions and changes in local health and safety risks and to inform participants of these changes. Program Directors and members of the Emergency Response team subscribe to the U.S. State Department’s service and thus automatically receive any Travel Warnings and Advisories as soon as they are issued.

Local Contingency Plans

Each Dream Careers program has contingency plans which will be activated in case there is a known local condition that requires (a) extra caution, (b) removal of the program to a different site in the same city or country or a nearby country, or (c) suspension of a program and evacuation of participants. For security reasons these local contingency plans are not available to anyone except Dream Careers staff.

In the Event of a Local Emergency

The Program Director contacts participants as soon as possible to ascertain participants’ well-being, and to provide information, instructions, and advice. In emergency situations, the Resident Director will call the Dream Careers Program Director to provide information and discuss any necessary follow-up plans.

When possible, participants are advised to contact their parents, guardians, or emergency contacts as soon as possible. Participants are advised to alert the Dream Careers Staff and Program Directors to the problem prior to contacting their parents, guardians, or emergency contacts.

The Program Director reports to the Dream Careers Headquarters / U.S. office as soon as possible whenever an emergency situation arises. Depending on the severity of the situation, the Dream Careers U.S. office may also report to participants’ emergency contacts.

In the event of major emergencies impacting a specific program locations (i.e. natural disasters, acts of war or terrorism, pandemic health issues), Dream Careers and program management will work together in order to decide what action should be taken, if any, regarding the possible modification, early termination, or suspension of a program. Additional outside resources will be consulted in order to make a careful and appropriate decision. During major emergencies impacting an entire program, the Dream Careers U.S. Office posts notices on its website and attempts to communicate with participants’ emergency contacts.

Advice for Participants and their Families

Dream Careers strongly recommends that unless specific situations dictate otherwise, participants should designate their parents as emergency contact persons.

Participants and their emergency contacts should keep in touch with each other throughout the participants’ time in the program.
Participants should make sure their parents and/or emergency contacts have their accurate and up-to-date local contact information at all times.

Participants should immediately notify their emergency contacts in the event of any emergency, accident, serious health problem, or other serious mishap.

Participants are required to notify the RD in the event of any health condition that lasts longer than two to three days.

The Participation Agreement specifically authorizes Dream Careers to communicate any relevant information to participants’ emergency contacts.

Participants and their families need to be aware of the fact that the U.S. Department of State Office of American Citizens Services and Crisis Management will generally not release information about specific individuals to Dream Careers or to other third parties.

The U.S. State Department website includes the following statement: Families in the United States whose U.S. Citizen relatives abroad are directly affected by a crisis can communicate with the Department of State through our Office of American Citizens Services and Crisis Management (202) 647-5225.


Disclaimer-This describes the efforts made by Dream Careers to help participants enhance their safety and to help them respond to emergency situations. Nothing in this plan is a guarantee that any specific action will be taken in any given situation, nor is anything in this document a contract or part of a contract between Dream Careers and any other party, nor is any statement in this document intended to sell a service to a prospective customer, nor to attempt to persuade any party to avail themselves of any program or service provided by Dream Careers. Health, safety, and recovery from emergency situations are the sole responsibilities of each individual participant.