Dream Careers Track Record

We have an impressive 18-year track record ensuring your children have a safe and enjoyable experience. We are already the premier all-inclusive summer internship program for college students in the country, and we continue to improve every aspect of our program each year. The following statistics provide a snapshot of the success we've had since our inception in the fall of 2000:

  • We have 18 years of experience placing students in internships and running internship programs, having completed hundreds of programs in New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, London, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Boston, Dublin and Sydney.
  • We have graduated 17,000+ students from over 1,000 of the top universities in the world.
  • We have successfully placed over 99% of participants in internships.
  • We have partnerships with over 3,500 employers in over 30 industries. We have companies of various sizes from exciting start-up companies to some of the biggest multi-national conglomerates in the world.
  • Participants can select employment from over 5,000 internships.
  • 75% of our employees are Dream Careers program graduates.

Parent References

We believe in the value of our program and we are happy to provide parents with Parent References and Alumni References. If you would like to speak with our references, please call or E-mail us and we will be happy to E-mail you a list of contacts to help you learn more about the validity and value of our program.

  • Parent References: Speak with parents of program alumni that have volunteered to talk to parents about their own experiences with Dream Careers.
  • Alumni References: Hear about the value of the program from former participants.

For more information and to get a list of our parent references, please contact us at intern@summerinternships.com or directly at (800) 251-2933.