Internship Program Safety

Although we feel that our flawless safety record exemplifies our commitment to the safety and well-being of our program participants, the honest truth is that anything can happen in the type of big cities in which we operate our programs. What do we do to lessen that risk? Dream Careers takes the following measures to ensure that parents can trust us to provide a safe and worry-free experience for their children.

  • Trained, live-in staff available 24 hours a day for students
  • 24-hour Parent Hotline to On-Site Program Directors
  • Group environment that reduces time spent alone
  • Staff-assisted practice runs on subways
  • Our New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco programs offer 24-hour security in the dorms
  • Orientation to address safety precautions for everyday life in cities, as well as emergencies
  • Protocols in place for all life-threatening and non-life-threatening emergencies
  • All of our host campuses have nearby hospitals