Welcome Parents

This page was created for the parents of our applicants who are considering enrolling in our program. Over the years, we have learned just how important it is for parents to be involved in their college student's choices. Many parents have contacted us with a desire to better understand the program and to protect their child's interest.

Supporting your child's participation in Dream Careers is a profound commitment to his or her personal and professional development. We encourage you to read the other pages of our site to learn more about our program and please feel free to contact us if you have further questions. We appreciate the interest you have in your child's future and we hope to see your son or daughter in one of our programs soon.

Top Questions from Parents:

Should My Twentysomething Get an Internship?

Forbes Magazine had a good featured article about the benefits of an internship. "They've become more important than ever in a competitive job market, where having experience in a field of choice gives a first-time job applicant an extra edge. Indeed, in a difficult economy, there's competition even for unpaid internships because they're seen as a gateway to future paid work." You can read the full article here.

Why do you call it Dream Careers?
We named our company Dream Careers because we truly believe that our program will positively change every participant by inspiring, equipping, and challenging them to pursue their dreams. If you want to understand how this is possible prior to taking the leap of faith, we encourage you to read some of our testimonials, E-mail our volunteer alumni references, or give us a call (virtually all of our employees are program alumni). Most of all, we named it Dream Careers because every adult we have ever told about the program says the same thing: "I wish they had that when I was in college!"

If you talk to students that have experienced the Dream Careers program, they will undoubtedly tell you that our programs foster a uniquely supportive and compellingly positive culture. Dream Careers was named Dream Careers for a reason, and we believe in helping students identify and pursue their passions before they enter the working world. The following are several factors that contribute to the incredible environment at Dream Careers:

  • Weekly seminars that feature guests sharing relevant career and life stories
  • Internship placement focused on getting students the internships they want
  • A staff committed to providing the best experience possible
  • An alumni network of program graduates who are willing and always available to help fellow program graduates

What is your track record?

We have an impressive twelve-year track record and a flawless record with the Better Business Bureau (where we are an Honor Roll member). We are already the premier all-inclusive summer internship program for college students in the country, and we continue to improve every aspect of our program each year. The following statistics provide a snapshot of the success we've had since our inception in the fall of 2000:

  • We have twelve years of experience placing students in internships and running internship programs, having completed over 120 programs in Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Washington D.C.,┬áLondon, Dublin, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, and Sydney.
  • We have graduated 17,000+ students from over 700 of the top universities in the world.
  • We have successfully placed over 99% of participants in internships.
  • We have partnerships with over 3,500 employers in over 30 industries. We have companies of various sizes from exciting start-up companies to some of the biggest multi-national conglomerates in the world.
  • Participants can select employment from over 5,000 internships.
  • 75% of our employees are Dream Careers program graduates.