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New York City Housing Extension

Extend your NYC Internship Experience 4-weeks

Housing Extensions - $2,800

Each year Dream Careers offers its participants the opportunity to extend their internship or program experience. This is exclusive only to the New York Program! Why do we offer extensions and why should you consider extending your program?

Here are some of the benefits:

Leverage your placement: At times, employers are very attracted to participants that are able to extend their internship beyond 8 weeks. Extend your program and ask your internship coordinator to use this as leverage during your placement process!

More time to shine in your internship: Having more time to close out projects, attend events and work with your mentor(s) can be extremely beneficial...especially if you might be looking to turn this internship into a full-time career!

Explore the city: During the 8-week program you will certainly be busy with your internship and all the program has to offer. Many of our alumni always tell us they wish they had more time to explore this city! With the housing extension options, you have the chance to take an extra month to explore the city, travel and complete checking off any items on your bucket list that you didn't get a chance to complete in the 8 weeks. You do NOT need to extend your internship to take advantage of the housing only extension.

***All housing extensions are added to the end of your 8-week program.

For more information about upgrades, contact:

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