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The MBA Exchange Global Internship Program

Add a Top Internship to Your Resume and Get into a Top MBA Programs.

Accelerate Your Career with a Top Internship

The MBA Exchange and Dream Careers combine the best of practical training and career exposure in a unique global internship program model, where you'll advance your career with a top internship to teach you to apply your skill in a real-world setting.

Complete an Internship
Prep for a career with hands-on experience at an internship in your field. 

Build Relationships With Experts
Learn from respected figures in the industry, whose guidance could connect you to recommendations, hiring networks, mentorship, and more.

Get Your Foot In The Door
The internship program focuses on growing your skills in an industry and making you a more competitive candidate. The program will help you connect your studies to a new context: the 9-to-5.

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