London Housing & Meal Plan

Spend your summer in the heart of London with safe and secure group housing. Join hundreds of college students for an exciting summer exploring London.
London Intern Housing
London Intern Housing
London Housing Kitchens
London Intern Housing
London Intern Housing
London Intern Housing
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Intern Housing
Intern Housing

Housing & Meal Plan Details

Our summer housing facilities in London offer the convenience and comfort necessary for a smooth transition to living in the big city. Participants will never feel alone in the big city as they will reside among hundreds of other participants who together will take advantage of all that our program and city have to offer. 

Enjoy the convenience and value of a meal plan designed to provide breakfast and dinner Monday through Friday. Breakfast will include a continental-style "grab and go" and dinner meal options are provided daily locally.  

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Housing FAQ's

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How will I get to and from my internship?
How active are the staff in my experience?
Are Visa fees included in the program tuition?