Program Events in London

Explore the city with a full lineup of exciting program events. Take your career to the next level and have fun with the perfect combination of travel, real-world experience, and lifelong friendships.

Welcome to London! What better way to start off an unforgettable summer in London than a city tour on one of London's infamous Double Decker buses. Bring your camera, as the tour will take you through all the major highlights of the city. While becoming acquainted with London, make sure to take notes on all the beautiful places to check out throughout the summer. Get ready to take in the beauty of the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and Big Ben, just to name a few! After exploring the city, you will enjoy lunch in true Brit style. Come prepared to get excited about what the summer will have in store for you.

Get ready to celebrate the last weekend in London with an evening of fun and entertainment at one of London’s unique venues. Dress up and look forward to spending the evening and reminiscing about the journey you have experienced throughout the program. The evening will be geared towards socializing, having fun, and enjoying each other’s company at one of London’s most unique venues.

This weekend is all about exploring some of the world's greatest mysteries; as you will be able to experience two of England's amazing wonders. You'll start the day by visiting Bath, a 'must-see' in England. The Roman baths and sweeping Georgian terraces combine to produce one of the most elegant sights in Europe. The ancient Celts, who first inhabited this area, believed that Bath's hot springs were sacred, but it was really the Romans who built the temple and the famous baths. Get ready for breathtaking views, a great lunch and some amazing picture opportunities!

Bonjour, Soyez bienvenus a Paris! That's right- you'll be spending the weekend in the most visited city in the world, Paris. Full of history, beauty, culture and art, Paris will surely take your breath away. For this weekend activity you will take a tour through the city's most popular districts. During the tour, you will get to experience the beauty of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triumph, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Concorde Plaza. After a great group lunch you will be free to explore the cities' charming cafes and restaurants, as well as the countless museums and cathedrals! The options will be endless for your time in Paris, and you'll without a doubt fall in love with its beauty. At night, you'll have your choice of how you want to spend your time. Whatever you chose to do this will be a weekend you won't soon forget.

To help you build your friendships and get more comfortable with the city, the staff will continuously be planning unsponsored activities for the entire group to take advantage of. These activities are optional, but they will make sure to get you acquainted with your new city, as well as keep your social calendar full.

Ladies and Gents, dress your best in black, white or red for this very special affair: "London Town." We'll revel in a four-hour dinner/dance cruise of the River Thames. We'll begin to cruise to the smooth sounds of Frank Sinatra as we take in the scene, mingle with friends, and munch on appetizers. After eating a sumptuous dinner, we'll pick up the speed and dance to your favorite beats. As the sun sets, we will have the most breathtaking views of London Town's historical landmarks including Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Shakespeare's Globe, London Bridge and Tower Bridge. As we prepare to say goodbye to beautiful London, this will surely be a memorable evening as we dine, dance, and reminisce on board!

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