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Los Angeles Program Upgrades

Upgrade Your Dream Careers Program Features

Program Necessities Package - $1,999 Upgrade Fee

You don't want to worry about anything once you land? Don't worry, the Necessities Package includes all of the basics you'll need to start the program off right! Let us take care of them for you with our Necessities upgrade which includes:

  • Private DCI Airport Transfer: Just look for the Dream Careers Sign by baggage claim with your name on it! 
  • Breakfast & Dinner Meal Plan Monday-Friday at Emerson University 
  • Program essentials will be waiting for you when you arrive! – specific items will vary per program but will include a combination of:
    • Hangers
    • Laundry basics
    • Snacks and drinks
    • Bedding

Career Package - $1,299 Upgrade Fee

You're serious about your career and you'll do anything to get that edge. Our Career Upgrade will enhance your internship experience by taking it to the next level with:

  • Pre-Assessment Survey via email to set your goals for the summer and for your internship
  • Expand Your Network with 3 Industry Specific Information Interviews & a 30-minute coaching session with your Internship Advisor 
  • 4 Individualized Career Coaching Sessions with one of our Internship Advisors (Bi-weekly)
  • College to Career - Life After College Coaching Session (How-to guide to moving to Los Angeles)
  • Exit Resume to be sent out to our database of employers for your specific industry along with a recommendation letter dependent on your performance during your internship

VIP Package - $5,000 Upgrade Fee

You want it all--and don't want to worry about anything! We'll provide you with the ultimate VIP experience throughout the 8 weeks so that all you have to worry about is succeeding at your internship this summer and exploring your new city! The VIP package includes:

  • Necessities Package (see above)
  • Career Package (see above)
  • A housing upgrade to a guaranteed single bedroom 
  • Early check-in on check in day
  • Late check-out on check out day
  • 1-2 Week Program extension (Contact Your Advisor for Availability)
  • 1 extra weekend event for 2 during the summer from our custom LA events menu

Single Room Upgrade - $500 Upgrade Fee

We understand that some of our participants would like a little more privacy during their stay with us so we're offering a very limited number of single rooms within our suites. You will share a suite with 3 other same gender participants but will have your own bedroom.

This option is to have your own room in a two bedroom suite this summer which will give you:

  • More privacy and storage
  • Your own private bedroom 

Housing Extensions:

Each year Dream Careers offers its participants the opportunity to extend their internship or program experience. This is exclusive only to the Los Angeles! Why do we offer extensions and why should you consider extending your program?

Here are some of the benefits:

Leverage your placement: At times, employers are very attracted to participants that are able to extend their internship beyond 8 weeks. Extend your program and ask your internship coordinator to use this as leverage during your placement process!

More time to shine in your internship: Having more time to close out projects, attend events and work with your mentor(s) can be extremely beneficial...especially if you might be looking to turn this internship into a full-time career!

Explore the city: During the 8-week program you will certainly be busy with your internship and all the program has to offer. Many of our alumni always tell us they wish they had more time to explore this city! With the housing extension options, you have the chance to take an extra 1 week or 2 weeks to explore the city, travel and complete checking off any items on your bucket list that you didn't get a chance to complete in the 8 weeks. You do NOT need to extend your internship to take advantage of the housing only extension.

  • 1 week: $600
  • 2 week: $1200

***All housing extensions are added to the end of your 8-week program.

Add a Meal Plan - $1200 Upgrade Fee

A meal plan that will provide you with a continental breakfast and dinner delivery Mon-Friday. You won't have to worry about your meals during the week so that you can concentrate on your internship!

Parking Pass - $375 

Want more freedom and flexibility to explore Los Angeles? Get prime parking under the building for a flat fee of $375 for the entire summer.

For more information about upgrades, contact:

Call us today at 800-251-2933 or Email us at

Speak to one of our experienced advisors and find out how you can launch your career with a top internship in your field.
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