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Working with The Stars: Earn Your Internship with a Celebrity-Owned Company

Have you ever imagined working with your favorite movie star, musician or other celebrity?  It may seem like an impossible dream, but there are celebrity internship opportunities everywhere you look!  

Celebrities are diving into entrepreneurial endeavors like nonprofits, record labels, and even video production companies.  You could even work directly with your favorite celebrity by interning with them this upcoming summer!  Now is your chance to work with the stars - earn your dream internship with a celebrity owned company.

Justin Timberlake may be known best for his role as a 90’s heartthrob with NSYNC, but the singer/pop star has quite the entrepreneurial mind.  Timberlake has his feet in the culinary water with Southern Hospitality, an NYC and Denver-based restaurant.  If you’ve ever had dreams of working your way up in the kitchen to chef-dom or even doing some restaurant marketing, you can do so with the celeb himself.  Forbes has even profiled Justin Timberlake  as a model for success with 7 Business Laws you should always keep in mind.

Will Ferrell is publicly known to be the head of new media and comedy with his production company Funny Or Die.  What started as a small startup, it’s now grown into one of the most successful web/new media firms in the past few years.  

One of our very own Dream Careers alumni from 2013, Jordan Rockower currently works as a Set Production Assistant with Funny Or Die.  On his experience working with a celebrity based company, he said, “It’s been a great experience so far.  My job entails something new every day, and that’s a part of what makes it exciting.  You never know what celebrity may drop by on any given day for a shoot or a meeting.”  You can find the company career page here.

Ellen DeGeneres currently runs the most popular daytime TV talk show in the United States; it’s only fitting that she’s looking for interns to help make the show an even bigger success.  Past interns through the Dream Careers Network have even worked on The Ellen Show, Dr. Oz, and other great talk shows!  To apply, look at our Los Angeles program page or EllenTV.com.

Jessica Alba currently runs one of the most publicly successful celebrity operations with The Honest Company.  The Honest Company offers affordable, non-toxic products for families with infants and young children.  If you’re not looking to get into the world of film or television but still have the itch to work for a celebrity, Alba’s The Honest Company might be the perfect fit for you.

If any of these roles fit your professional experience, make the leap and start applying to some celebrity-based companies today.  Get that Hollywood Walk of Fame start to your career!  

(All job postings are current at the time the article was published.)

Clayton Wert is a Career Coach and Internship Advisor at Dream Careers, the leading internship program for college students. Clayton advises college students on how to land internships at the best companies in Los Angeles.