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Why You Should Take Your Internship in Los Angeles

Think about the internships you've had in the past. If you've never interned before, paint a picture of what you imagine that to be - where do you picture yourself? Dream big. An internship is just like everything else in life, it's all about what you make of it. And there is a world of opportunity waiting out there for you.

The first internship I took was through Dream Careers in Los Angeles, California. Before I applied to the program I never gave a second thought to living or working in Los Angeles. But after working two internships in the city, all I can think about is moving back there. Here are the reasons why I loved interning in LA, and why you should take your next internship there.

Los Angeles is unlike any other city in the United StatesĀ and the world. You might have visited other major cities in the United States like Chicago or New York, and they certainly both have great cultures surrounding each of them, but they're nothing like Los Angeles. According to the last census, Los Angeles is the most densely populated area in the US. To put simply, Los Angeles is a collection of 20+ smaller/different towns making up one whole. Each district of LA (like Santa Monica, Los Feliz or Koreatown for example) is littered with it's own distinct flavor and personality. From the best cafe's, independent book shops, music stores, art galleries and year-round farmers markets; you'll find something new and exciting every single day in the City of Angels. You're also rewarded with the sun shining almost every day of the year. It's next to impossible to be bored in this town.

It's the primary center of the entertainment industry. If you're anything like me, you grew up watching so many of the great movies that were created by brilliant minds. Californians dream big, and the film and television industry is a big reason for that. Taking an internship in Los Angeles means working with some of the most creative thinking people in the world. Whether you're working in fashion, marketing, public relations, or any other industry; you're connected a wealth of talent. Not to mention the possibility of seeing a celebrity like Iggy Azalea or Kim Kardashian on your daily commute.

No one is "from" Los Angeles. Walk into your first day at your internship and ask everyone where they grew up, I can guarantee the majority of them are not LA natives. Your supervisor may have hailed from Kansas, while a group of other interns came from Louisiana or New Jersey. Having such an eclectic group of people to work around creates the best work environment. Why intern at your local government office when you could come to Los Angeles and meet people from all over the world?

Sasha Horne wrote an account of her first year in Los Angeles on immovingtola.com. In regards to what she has learned during her time so far in Southern California, she mentions that, "Los Angeles is filled with so many career opportunities for the ambitious (of all ages) as long as you're willing to put in the work." And taking an internship is the perfect transition into great career opportunities in LA. You can read her full take on moving to Los Angeles here.

Whether you're intrigued by the diversity of the culture, the abundance of people and networking opportunities, or just spending time in a town where the sun is always shining, Los Angeles is the place for you. Get out there and get your hands dirty. Take the dive today and apply for an internship in Los Angeles, and what better place to start than with Dream Careers?

Clayton Wert is a Career Coach and Internship Advisor at Dream Careers, the leading internship program for college students. Clayton advises college students on how to land internships at the best companies in Los Angeles.