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Fashion Forward Internship Tips

Attention Fashion Interns!  We are quickly building momentum in placing you all in great internships.  Some of your fellow Dream Careers participants have already been placed in great companies with Anna Sui, Vera Wang, Alice + Olivia, Ramy Brook, and Ali-Ro!

In getting you ready for your summer (well in advance), I would love to share pointers with you leading up to the summer.  Below are three “less obvious” things to think about:

1. Invest in comfortable shoes.  I am NOT talking about heels, no matter how comfy they are.  Finance interns file and work on spreadsheets.  Film interns read scripts.  Fashion interns run errands!  Whether you are taking a designer dress to a magazine office, or heading to the Garment District to pick out buttons, you’ll be walking this summer.  Clearly, you’ll be doing lots of other things too, but heed my warning.  Save the heels for your nights out—I promise, you’ll thank me!

2. “Google Alert” your company! The minute you are placed in your internship, set up a “Google Alert.”  This way, every time your company hits the internet in any way, you’ll get an email.  You’ll know when celebrities are wearing your brand.  You’ll know when they released a new line.  You’ll know when they hire on someone new.  The key to being a great internship starts before the internship!  Be the most knowledgeable intern from Day 1, and watch your credibility start to skyrocket!

3. Wait to reach out on Social Media.  You’ve just been hired, and your first instinct might be to “friend” your new boss on LinkedIn or Facebook.  Fight the urge and wait until you actually work at your internship.  That’s the professional thing to doJ

Looking forward to being in touch throughout the semester.  If you already have your internship, bravo!  If you don’t yet, you soon will. Best of luck on finals, and have a very Happy Holiday!