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10 Reasons Why Your Company Should Be Working With A Managed Internship Provider (MIP).

Many companies have chosen to let their internship program lose priority and drift out to sea. Recruiting costs have soared, and then there is that Fox Searchlight lawsuit.

And there is more. Interns are often not engaged (unless Facebook time counts). Interns personal lives can affect their attendance patterns, with transportation and housing crisis developing right in the middle of the program.

So the choice is often to go it alone and budget and staff your own program, or hope it is never brought up again in the HR strategy meeting.

Cue The Alternative.

Managed Internship Providers (MIP’s), such as Dream Careers, are dedicated to offering both paid and non-paid internships to students across all industries. There is no cost for the employer.

MIP Students receive college credit, career education throughout the program, safe housing with trained and dedicated staff living on-site, meals provided, with dedicated transportation as well as sponsored social and networking activities. An internship with a MIP is not your dad’s internship. The VW van has been replaced by a Tesla SUV.

Ok, What’s In It For Me?

Here are 10 Reasons why your company should be working with a MIP.

1- No Lawyers Needed. Reduced risk. More rewards.This is especially true for unpaid internships. MIP’s provide a standard structured internship framework that allows the student to receive college credit. Programs with MIP’s provide students with off-site workshops, career development and speaker’s series.  These sturdy facts greatly reduce any legal risk.  

2- Think Globally, Not Locally. Talent is evenly distributed around the world. Opportunities are not. Recruit from the globe versus a 50-mile radius. Global perspectives help your company innovate and your company does not have to fund the marketing.

3- Just Saying’  MIP’s can provide International recruitment with less stress. MIP’s provide all the necessary compliance paperwork greatly reducing an employer attention to VISA requirements.

4- Seriously Motivated. Your Interns Value Their Position. The screened students pay the MIP, and they’ve financially invested in this program. They want to work. They want to learn.  

5- Less Drama Please. Reduce the risk of issues with the student along the way. Ever had issues with your student in the internship? You MIP staff are available and can help. They are there for both students and the employer. Additionally, students are less likely to have logistic and housing drama as these issues and cost are covered up front.

6- Postings Are The Definition Of A Signal To Noise Issue. Are your internship postings getting lost in the noise? MIP’s have staff that specializes in certain markets and industries who lobby for your company. MIPS often have tools (for example portals)  that help intensify your company's uniqueness to students. Social media plug-ins and colorful content options that speak to the student population. There is no cost to your company.

7- Corralling the Cats. MIPS provide all the screening of the candidates and help with the time-consuming process of bringing interns on board. You are now a productivity genius.

8- Protect Yourself From Employees That Want Their Kids To Intern. Raise the bar.  MIPS often have worldwide reach and can help with recruitment of interns (and direct hires) around the world. Help your business become more strategic.

9- Try Before You Buy. Not really just a MIP advantage, but how about an effortless method of trying an employee before you hire?

10-Unbuckle. It’s Not Going to Be a Bumpy Ride. Don’t have your internship guidelines developed? MIPS have Internship Coordinators who can help you draw out the best program for both you and the student.

How great is this? Doing something good for your company and the youth of the world.

Dream Careers is proud to be the largest MIP in the world. If you are ready to mentor your company's next generation of talent, you can signup for free today.