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Break into your field with a high quality internship in Hong Kong. Expert Internship Coordinators will walk you every step toward landing your dream job.

Guaranteed Placement

Don't leave your career to chance. Work with an expert to help you secure a top internship.

Set yourself apart with a high-quality internship in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Internship Program puts hundreds of exclusive internships within your reach, and you get plenty of support to help you land the right one. You’ll partner with one of our industry experts to learn business tips, perfect your resume and refine your interviewing skills.

Guaranteed Internship

Have you ever wanted your very own agent? Now you can. Work one-on-one with an Internship Coordinator to help you secure a top internship in your field of study.

Resume & Interview Coaching

The first step of the placement process is to professionally revise your resume to get noticed and to prepare for the challenging big city interviews. 

Top Employers

We recruit talented interns for over 3,000 companies. We screen all companies to ensure they provide a high calibur learning experience to help you launch your career.

Career Coaching

Throughout the program, you will receive career coaching to help you standout at your internship and put yourself in a position for the full-time job offer at the completion of the internship.

Academic Credit & Assessment

All internships are assessed to ensure academic standards comply with our university partner requirements ensuring that you are applying classroom knowledge to real world scenarios. 

Money Back Guarantee

Our promise to you, is that if we fail to help you secure an internship in your field at a company you approve of, you will receive a full refund of the program tuition -- guaranteed.

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Speak to one of our experienced advisors and find out how you can launch your career with a top internship in your field.
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Resume & Interview Coaching

We'll coach you through every step of the interview process to ensure you land an internship that matches your potential.

Before we get started with the placement process, you'll walk through our step-by-step resume tutorial before getting it perfected by a certified resume expert. Before each interview, you will speak to your Internship Coordinator about tips and strategies to overcome even the most challenging interview questions.

Top Companies in 30+ Industries

We only work with the best companies to ensure your satisfaction. 

We screen thousands of employers to find the best companies who offer the most exciting positions. These internships aren't your average internship that teaches you how to grab a coffee and make copies. You'll intern in a fast-paced environment that allows you to grow personally and professionally to prepare you for your first full-time job.

Assessment & Academic Credit

Securing an internship that allows you to apply what you've learned in the classroom is critical.

In the Dream Careers program, you will earn academic credit for the completion of your internship. This step allows for proper reflection on what you are learning, helps you move closer to graduation, and opens the lines of communication with your employer, as you will be regularly reviewed on your performance at your internship.

Money Back Placement Guaranteed

Our mission is to help you find your dream career. It starts with an internship you are passionate about.

Your internship selection process is very personalized and considers many factors such as experience level, career goals, personality and many others. Once you commit to the program and secure your enrollment, we get to work on your behalf identifying positions that meet all of your criteria. If we fail to help you land an internship that you approve of within 14 days of the start of the program, you will get your money back.

On-Site Career Coaching

Let your talent shine as you excel at your internship and get the job offer.

Throughout your internship you will learn a lot about yourself, what you want to do with your career, and even what you don't want to do with your career. We have on-site Internship Coaches who will help you network with likeminded professionals, provide feedback to maximize your experience and transition your internship into a job offer.

Call us today at 800-251-2933 or Email us at

Speak to one of our experienced advisors and find out how you can launch your career with a top internship in your field.
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