Employers FAQ

Are unpaid internships legal?

Our recommendation is to work with a company like Dream Careers or a Managed Internship Provider to help your company stay within compliance guidelines. For for information on this topic please refer to https://www.summerinternships.com/employers/blog/internship-provider

How does Dream Careers make money (are you a non-profit)?

Dream Careers is a for-profit company, made of a group of motivated individuals who's mission is to help our youth prepare for the working world after college. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of our participants. 

Participants in the managed internship program pay a tuition to Dream Careers. We provide an internship,  housing, 24/7 on-site staff during the program, local transportation, meal plans, social events, overnight travel, networking events, career development workshops, Visa support, speaker series and college credit.

Does Dream Careers pay students to be in the internship?

No, Dream Careers does not pay students to do internships. We are agnostic on our employers payment practice for interns. Any payment for our participants are handled between the student and the employer. 

Are employers obligated to take Dream Careers students? Is there a contract?

No on both counts. Employers make the decision on the interns they want to bring on board. 

Dream Careers is happy to assist in the posting and development of the task or projects for the internship. We also provide Visa support for any international students to minimize paperwork and are always available to work out any issues that may arise during the internship.

Are there employer fee's to work with Dream Careers?

No there are not. 

We do the global sourcing of student, match the student to your identified criteria and assist in the arrangements for all interviews. We also have the students sign a contract that reduces legal risk for employers. This and much more, is offered to employers at no cost to the employer.

What is the hiring process?

Our Internship Advisors will work with you to make a compelling posting for our participants to view. We include task, any projects, company and job descriptions. We can also add logo's, photo's and video to help make the listing "pop". 

We then have multiple interviews with the students and screen from thousands of applicants to find the right fit. We would send you the resumes(s) we think are ideal and set-up informational interviews.  You make the hiring decision. 

We make certain the student is ready on day one with career development exercises, housing and transportation. We work with the student (and you) through the internship to make certain they are both happy and productive. 

Is there a fee if I want to hire on permanently? 

No there are no fees for intern to perm.

What are my responsibilities as an employer to the interns?

The quick answer is that the relationship should benefit both parties equally. The actual internship task list and job should closely resemble the internship listing the participant agreed to. Mentorship is an important element of a successful internship.