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Program Benefits & Fees

Invest in your career and take advantage of all of the benefits of the Barcelona Internship Program. Spend 8-weeks in a structured program to launch your career.

8 Week Program

Most Popular June 14 - August 8, 2020
  • Internship Placement
  • 8 Weeks of University Housing
  • 5 Weekend Events
  • 7 Career Seminars & Workshops
  • Resume Revision
  • Interview Coaching
  • Daily Transportation
  • 1-unit of Academic Credit
  • Full-time Staff
  • Reception & Orientation
  • Global Alumni Network

Commuter Program

June 14 - August 8, 2020
  • The Commuter Option is best for students that already live in Barcelona To be eligible, you must be able to verify your address is within a 45-minute commute.
  • Internship Placement
  • 5 Weekend Events
  • 7 Career Seminars & Workshops
  • Resume Revision
  • Interview Coaching
  • 1-unit of Academic Credit
  • Reception & Orientation
  • Global Alumni Network

Barcelona Summer Program

A Barcelona Summer Internship is an investment in your professional future. In this 8-week, complete program, you enhance your resume, gain business contacts and acquire valuable references. Each are priceless advantages for a college student soon to be seeking a full-time career position. Now is the time to take hold of your career and take advantage of this life changing opportunity.


  • Tour of the City
  •  Wine Tour
  •  Spectacular Shows
  • Going Away Dinner
  •  South of France
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Orientation 
  •  Career Workshops
  • Inspiring Speakers
  • Program Gifts

Payment Options

All payment plans include a minimum Initial Deposit of $999. Choose the best payment option available:

  • Pay in Full
  • Pay in 30
  • Installment Plan


Track Record

Financial Aid

For further assistance with tuition, consider applying for financial aid through a third party, such as a private lender, UPSTART, PAVE or through your existing Financial Aid provider. Also, check with your university's financial aid department to see if your existing grants, loans or scholarships can help fund the internship. Find additional resources on our Financing Page or by contacting your Program Advisor.

Breakdown of Fees

Application Fee - $35 application fee payable by credit or debit card with online application. Before you apply, review eligibility requirements and ensure you qualify as the application fee is non-refundable.

Program Tuition - Includes guaranteed placement, interview coaching, resume prep, housing and weekend events. A minimum initial deposit of $999 is required to confirm your enrollment.

Visa Fees - Visa fees are not included in Dream Careers’ tuition and are paid separately.

International Participants and VISA

International Participants: The United States government requires every international student wishing to come to the US for an internship to apply for a J-1 visa. In order to obtain a J1 visa, one must obtain sponsorship from a US government approved visa sponsor. Dream Careers has partnered with a J1 visa sponsor to assist with all of our international students’ visa processes. However, please note, students that are participating in a specialty industry (such as Legal, Government, Architecture, Engineering, Graphic Design, Computer Science/Technology, etc.), will not be able to use our visa partner for sponsorship and will be directed to an alternate visa sponsor. International students should expect the average visa sponsorship fees to be $1,100 to $1,500 or more.

Any international student currently attending school in the US will be required to have a valid F1 visa with the appropriate work authorization documents. Please speak with your international student advisor at your university for more information.


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