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More than just an Internship

  • Secure a Better Job

    Even in today’s technology-driven job search world, it still matters who you know. A Dream Careers internship will help you create strategic relationships with professionals in your industry. And, you become part of a network of ambitious Dream Careers alumni from around the globe.



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    Boost your Confidence

    Prove your capabilities, to yourself and others, by spending the summer living and working in a major city. The result? You gain confidence and learn insights about yourself that will steer your plans after graduation.




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  • Gain a Competitive Edge

    A Dream Careers internship provides tangible and valuable work experience in your field. It’s the key difference you need to outshine other college grads when competing for your first job.




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    Invest in Yourself

    You have invested in your education. Now invest in yourself. Give yourself an opportunity to achieve your dream career.  Over 70% of Dream Careers alumni received a job offer from the company they interned after their successful summer internship experience.

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