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Finance Internships

The financial services industry is considered by many to be the most competitive industry to break into. A finance internship consists of analyzing the flow of money into and out of investments. Finance is the very lifeblood of the global economy and Dream Careers can offer you the opportunity to intern in the financial capitals of the world. The high-stakes and big pay checks have made the field of finance desirable for many young professionals and despite an economic downturn that has tempered job growth in the sector, long-term industry growth will certainly be strong.

The industry can be broadly categorized into three sectors: public, personal, and business finance. Accountants, investment bankers, stock brokers, financial advisers, and hedge fund managers are just a few examples of professionals in the industry.

A finance internship offers an incredible opportunity to gain real-world experience in the high-stakes finance industry. Most importantly a finance internship allows you to distinguish yourself from your classmates, as you gain a competitive advantage by connecting your coursework with industry experience. Gain experience from companies focusing in wealth management, capital assets, financial analysis, and client services.



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