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Expand your global horizons and gain real-world work experience with an international internship. Spend your summer alongside other college travel enthusiasts, as we coordinate all of your logistics, including housing, meals, transportation, weekend events, and guaranteed internship placement. International internships provide a great opportunity to couple your passion for travel, with a chance to immerse yourself into the culture of the city you choose.

Choose from the list of programs below and start your global career with international internships:

London Internships - Whether you want to intern with a high-end fashion designer or within a global investment firm, the London Internship Program would be a perfect place to get your first international internship. Spend a summer riding the tube, or making a weekend trip to Paris.

Barcelona Internships - Immerse yourself in the culture of Barcelona, as you will be able to stroll through famous architecture, visit historic stadiums, or spend your weekends lounging on a beach in front of the Mediterranean. There are over 20 industries of placement, one of which will get your international internship experience started.

Hong Kong Internships - If a competitive internship in one of the fastest growing economies is what you are interested in, the Hong Kong Internship Program can provide you with coveted international internships, as well as a rich cultural experience. Although Hong Kong is most known for its finance and trade industries, Hong Kong also has strong public relations, entertainment, and advertising positions.

After enrolling in the program, your personalized Internship Coordinator will analyze your resume and provide you with industry specific feedback based on years of experience and insight from thousands of the most influential managers who hire international. Internships are very competitive; however we guarantee that you will secure an internship you choose, as our Internship Coordinators will work with you to fully understand your interests.

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